Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amazing Amazing! Saving Money, Making Money, Getting Fit!

Hey there!!! 

I want to share a few AWESOME things with you! First of all if you sign up to become a coach with a challenge pack (below) you will get a $50 gift card from me! Challenge packs come with a workout program of your choice plus shakeology plus it waives the 39.95 for signing up to become a coach! 

www.beachbodycoach.com/TkControlwAsh (Then Click on Shop) 

This is an AMAZING offer on these two challenge packs! $80 dollars off plus you get a $50 gift card from me!!

Shakeology® has changed my life by giving me more energy, reducing my cravings, helping me manage my weight, plus countless other benefits. 
On April 1, the price for Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology will increase $10. However, if you sign up for Home Direct (our autoship program) you'll be able to take advantage of Shakeology's current price for life!
Save $22 every month. 
Plus, as a Home Direct customer, you save $12 every month on shipping, which amounts to a $22 savings every month. That's an annual savings of $264, which is like getting two free bags of Shakeology every year! PLUS!!! If you order in the month of March I will give you a
$20 Gift Card!!

PLUS!!!!! With all of these options you will get FREE Health and Fitness Coaching from me!

These are super exciting specials! Please comment or email me or find me on FB

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