Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So much going on!

I have had so much going on I haven't been able to keep up on here! Sorry! But now I'm back!

SO! First things first.. I have had a severe sinus infection and last Thursday I ended up going to the ER.  So not fun! So I have spent the last week (with so much going on more info coming) taking drugs, pain killers and antibiotics to get it cleared up. Thankfully now I am starting to feel better although not 100% quite yet.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to workout.. And after working out and cleaning our home I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:00 at night.. I feel very very lame at this point!

Okay! So the same day I went to the ER was opening day of Rifle Season for Deer. and I got my first buck!! (and then I promptly went to the ER right after) And that same night my man got a really nice 8 point! :)

(Our boxer Tucker thinking this looked yummy! lol)

Okay! So since then we've been taking the girls hunting.. getting the deer we have gotten in the freezer.. And enjoying spending time together and with friends and family.

Monday night the twins had their Volleyball banquet. So proud of them they are in 8th grade and had a undefeated season! They only lost 4 sets out off all of their matches all season! :)

Last night we pretty much did nothing.. Which was really nice! I enjoyed the relaxing! Today the girls only had like 3 hours in school today.. So the oldest asked to have her boyfriend over (for the first time) which has been fun! They just (literally 5 minutes ago) sat on my kitchen floor and drew pictures of each other without being able to look at the paper! It was hilarious! 

Never a dull moment in our home! 

So we are going to my parents home for Thanksgiving. Which is a bit hard.. Obviously they are my family and they are good and kind people.. The girls call them Nana and Papa and have for quite some time.. But now I'm hearing that they feel awkward at my parents house.. Which I don't understand but hopefully it goes well! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat somewhat healthy even though its hard to!!! I'm going to try not to gain 10 lbs tomorrow! lol!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow, you've had quite a full plate! I'm glad you're feeling better! Congrats to your guy on the 8 point - wow!

    1. Thank you Rachel! :) I do indeed.. Its hard to keep track of anything! lol! Thats why I have a calendar on my fridge with everyones stuff on it! It is the ONLY way I can keep track of what I need to do every day! lol

  2. I'm with Rachel on the wow! Congrats on the Dear you both got!