Monday, November 26, 2012

The snow is falling!

We have our first snowfall! :) Which I am strangely enjoying even though I hate being cold. lol! But it is so pretty!

Well the oldest girl went Black Friday shopping with her mom so we lost 1 day with her this week. Totally bums me out.. :( But it was a good thing for them to do together. The twins wanted to stay with us an extra day so that they would be able to go do some more hunting because the season will be over then they come back to us. So we got to keep them till Saturday evening :). It was weird for the twins to be away from Hannah (the oldest) because they are always together. Like I said I think it was good though because all of the girls got to have special time. 

                                    (This is Kissy - the youngest of the twins - and I hunting!)

Yesterday my man and I just enjoyed spending time together.. Went hunting morning and evening..  Took a mid day nap. And just enjoy our time with just the 2 of us. Since today we are all back to reality. Andy (my man) is back to school today after 5 days off. I had quite a bit of cleaning up to do from the weekend.. And A LOT of laundry.. because as it has been so cold and we have been hunting we went through a lot of cloths! lol. 

Today I spent 20 minutes on my exercise bike.. Thats all I could really get out of myself. That lovely time of the month has begun today and honestly for some strange reason all I want to do is eat something smothered in cheese and sugar. Lovely! lol.. Thankfully I have very little in the house (Need to go grocery shopping) and I've been able to control myself pretty well. Note to self no grocery shopping today! You know how it is to go grocery shopping when you have cravings.... Bad for the checkbook and the waist line!

Ugh.. Feeling emotional.. Missing the girls and Andy.. <3 


  1. Oh I know all about grocery shopping when you're hungry/dealing with TOM/etc!!!

    1. Oh goodness it sucks! lol! Now I'm past the cravings and just hating my ovaries...