Sunday, March 10, 2013

LesMills Combat!!! Who's With ME!?

Be one of the first to experience LES MILLS COMBAT! It's the ultimate mixed martial arts workout…designed to give you the ultimate body transformation in just 60 days. The program's calorie-blasting sequences are built by combining the most dynamic movements from 6 unique martial arts disciplines. So you get lean and chiseled fast!

This training is the real deal—with real results. You'll punch, kick, and strike your way to an outrageously strong and sexy body in just 60 days.

Ask me about how you can get LES MILLS COMBAT at 25% OFF. It's time for you to get with the fight…and get shredded!

So here it is!! I am forming a challenge group that will be in a private Facebook group. We are going to get out COMBAT on!! Only those of us in the group will be able to see the posts and pics or whatever we have in there! I will provide you with support, direction, motivation and inspiration.  You will be responsible for checking in at least once daily and taking charge of your workouts and eating plan.  This will sometimes get emotional, but we can't truly experience change without sometimes being uncomfortable, and let's face it, are you comfortable with your body right now?  If you are, you are doing great, and I'm soooooooo happy for you!!  If not, then it's time to make some changes! Thats why I am here.. I have had to make those changes for myself and now I want to help you do the same!   

Why you should join -

Its so much easier to workout and stay accountable when you have people to do it with!
You will meet some amazing folks!
We all help motivate each other and keep each other accountable. 
We will have little mini challenges to keep things interesting!

ARE YOU READY TO GET TO KICKING SOME BUTT!!! We have 60 days to do it!!

Here are the rules/commitments:
1.  You must have an account on and I must be your coach.  If you haven't made an account, you may do so by going to and clicking "join."  A basic free membership will do.  If you have an account, you can set me as your coach by emailing and ask them to set your coach as TkControlwAsh, coach ID 145010.  

2. This is a LES MILLS COMBAT Challenge group so you need to have that workout.. And I HIGHLY recommend you also replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology.. I have had great success with this and I know you will too!

3.  ACCOUNTABILITY IS MANDATORY!  This challenge is centered in a Facebook group that I created which is secret, so noone will see posts but you and your fellow challengers.  Post about what you ate, how your workout went, any struggles or questions you have with diet or exercise.  Just make sure you check in EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is how we stay on track and the support we can give each other is one of the best motivational tools you can get.

Please register no later than Monday, March 25 th so we can be ready by the April 1st!!! 

NOTES:  If you need to get LES MILLS COMBAT, please go to my website to purchase the workout of your choice. Visit

If you need BOTH a LES MILL COMBAT workout AND Shakeology, please visit 

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