Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ups and Downs / Craftiness

I have had some amazing things happen! As I mentioned before I am a Beachbody coach. For those of you who don't know what Beachbody is it is a company that sells fitness programs and equipment. You may have heard of P90X or INSANITY...

Yep thats Beachbody. Anyway.. I'm a Independent Fitness Coach basically I help people stay motivated and on track and help them with fitness and diet questions and problems. One lady that I have been helping for a long time messaged me the other day. And she has had a up and down relationship with her fitness journey.. She starts and stops and gets discouraged.. But every time she goes a little farther and does a little better! Anyway I do my best to help her and keep her going. She thanked me.. Thanked me for making a difference in her life and for caring and for supporting her when no one else does! This is exactly why I am a Coach and why I love it.. To help people.. It is such an amazing feeling to make a difference in someones life and to help them reach their goals! Just had to share because this made my week! :) And my ab workout today felt AMAZING! Can't wait till I can see those abs cuz I sure can feel them!!

Totally unrelated subject! I was talking with the girls the other day about Christmas gifts and how I think we should make something for our friends and family instead of stressing about coming up with enough money for everyone! The girls loved this idea and today I started looking for ideas! I have found some amazing things on Pinterest! Like

Homemade bath salts! (Totally check out everythingetsy.com for this stuff it is amazing!)

Shrink Plastic beads for necklaces!

I see a lot of fun in the near future making gifts for everyone!!! 


  1. I think you have passed some of the craftiness this way! I love the idea of making gifts instead of worrying about coming up with the money to buy gifts. I feel like a homemade gift means more anyway! Gonna be checking out that website.

    I know how happy you must have been to have that lady tell you how much it meant to her to have you checking in on her and helping her reach her goals!! You are doing a great job!


    1. Thank you JWana! :) Absolutely homemade gifts mean more! (To me anyway!) :) Hope you get some great ideas!!! :)