Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A few spare minutes!

Hey All!!

I have just a few minutes before my family all gets home and life gets crazy! ;)

How have you all been doing? I'm really doing good.. I am loving my workouts! I have also gotten to spend more time with my sister lately which I have really been enjoying. <3

(Left Me Right my Sis) This is my baby sister and I! :) I say baby.. But she is EXACTLY 1 year younger then I am.. She was born on my 1st birthday.. She always tells me she is the best birthday present I've ever gotten. ;) And she is right! She is my best friend and it has really been awesome to spend time together! This is the two of us watching my Dads Natural Food store for him when he went to a food show in Atlanta GA! Those are espresso shots! lol! We had a lot of fun watching the store! 

Well the twins have started their Basketball season! And its off to a great start!!

Hannah (oldest) is practicing for the Musical! And I'm super stoked because its ANNIE! 

My sister and I used to watch this just about every day growing up! :) Anyway as per normal life is crazy busy! 

I've been trying to work harder on eating healthy for the whole family not just myself.. So thats why I've been posting recipes! I hope ya'll have found some good stuff in there!! :) There are more to come!! Do you have any healthy recipes??? 

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