Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Had to share!

Hey Folks! I just HAD to share this with you all!

I have been working out for just short of a year.. And am actually smaller now then I was when I was in high school!! I can't honestly tell you the last time I weighed 173 lbs.. But I am now!! This is so exciting!!!!

It hasn't been an easy road but it has been a completely worth while one!

Okay.. So I've been busy helping my family members with their businesses.. I helped my dad at his Natural Food store today and my uncle at his design shop today.. I'm so tired! Being on my feet all day is something I'm not exactly used to anymore! Still no luck in finding a job but I am at least keeping myself busy helping the family. 

I've got a few Christmas presents for the girls that I just have to go pick up.. They are awesome! And I will take pics and share as soon as I have them in hand! I'm so terrible and always wait till the last second to get Christmas shopping done. 

My loving man made me dinner and it is now ready so I best go get it! Talk again soon! 


  1. How awesome is that congrats on your weight loss you look great! How nice of you to help all your family out with there businesses! Where is your dad's natural food store at? Wish we had more of them around here but it's really nice of you non the less! How sweet! i'm sure there going to love the gifts you got them!

  2. Thanks Rick! I love working with my family! And I never get bored! ;) My dads Natural Food Store is in Frankfort Michigan. Its a great store and awesome of course that I get a discount! Makes eating healthy a LOT easier! :)