Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Day!

It always amazes me how busy my life can get! I know we are ALL busy at this time of year.. I just can't seem to get myself a plan each day.. lol!

Anyway! I started out my day with a awesome workout from TurboFire - Core 20. And let me tell you I can feel my CORE lol.. And I'm loving the fact that I am the smallest I've been since high school! :)

 And this was my breakfast! Chocolate Shakeology, a organic banana, organic smooth peanut butter, a little local honey and 2% milk. :) SOOOOOO YUMMY!

The girls are at their moms :( Missing them SOOO much! When they come back it is the twins 14th Birthday! We will be having a bunch of girls over and I'm trying to figure out things for them to do..... Any ideas?! In the past we have done tie dye shirts and made bracelets.. Gotta come up with something new!

We also need to get our Christmas tree up! Im ashamed to say we've been too busy to get the house decorated yet! :/ Soooo not like me!

Okay I'm off to go and help my uncle at his shop. He has a design business. Does shirts and signs and whatnot.. I love it! :) 


  1. OH what a great way to start your day good job busting out your workout! your lunch looked amazing! Have you gotten up your Christmas tree up yet?


    1. Hey Rick! Thank you! :) No not yet.. Gonna get it in the next few days and then decorate this weekend when the girls come back from their moms house. :) Can't do it without them!