Friday, January 25, 2013

Progress is a good thing

So just over 2 years ago I moved in with my boyfriend and his family.. His father remarried and gave us his house. :) Which had a lot of his stuff still in it.. lol So over time I've been going through every room, cupboard, and box and sorting through our stuff and not our stuff and trying to organize everything. I think I'm finally through everything! Which is super exciting!

I now have a room that I can set up to workout in! Which I am super stoked about! For several reasons.. My mom and sister want to come and work out with me.. Which we can't really do in my bedroom where I am currently working out.. I also have a few friends who I have talked about coming over a few days a week and working out.. I can't wait to get this going! So now that the room is cleared of all the crap I can clean the carpet and set up the TV and everything! Pics will come as soon as I get it ready! :) I was going to do that today.. However I have gotten a cold or something and feel like crapola soooo... Hopefully tomorrow!

I am loving this new workout schedule I started on Monday! Its a perfect mixture of both programs! Some cardio.. Some strength training.. Abs.. And no chance to get board because you don't have a chance to! Absolutely awesome!

We get the girls back today! And I can't wait! I feel like this has been the longest week ever! :/ And so the business begins! Tomorrow the twins have a basketball jamboree (their first one of the season).. It will be nice to get out and hanging out with all the other parents again!

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