Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life as I know it...

Life as I know it has been changing and going different directions over and over again! Driving me a bit nuts to be completely honest!

So because of all of the changes I feel the need to set myself some goals..

Family: To be there for my family as much as possible.. To support them.. To give them my time.. (They are my purpose and it is always my goal to become better and better that this)

Financial: To become financially sound.. Which I am sure we have all or are all experiencing some sort of these kinds of problems. This includes developing 2 home businesses.


Fitness: It is my goal to workout 6 days a week.. This is for a lot of reasons.. To be healthy.. To be Fit.. To be confident.. And love myself

I feel like having these things written down.. And sharing them with all of you keeps me accountable.. You all know what it is important to me.. These are my basic goals.. And there are SOOO many things that are a part of these 3.. What are your goals???


  1. Great goals Ashleigh!!! So glad I found your blog today!

  2. Thanks Roxie! I'm glad you found my blog too!