Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Enjoying time with my man!

Started out my day running some errands.. Stopped in to see my Dad at his natural foods store and had a Chia Latte and a whole wheat waffle... OH YUMMY!!! (Forgot to take a picture!! :( )

A friend of mine found a exercise bike on the side of the road that works great! Heck I'm not going to turn down something thats free! (Don't mind my flooring.. we are in the process of doing some remodeling) Oh and that little blur at the bottom in our male Boxer name Tucker. :) I went on it today for 30 minutes.. Holy crap my thighs were on FIRE! 

Today is my mans regular day off from school.. So this morning while I was doing my errands he got some homework done. Once I got home we just spent time together.. Tomorrow is the opening day of hunting season here.. So we sighted in our rifles.. 

This is my lever action 3030! :) And here are my results! Some are a bit high but I have been assured by my man that that is a good thing when we are shooting at 60 yards.. 

This evening I've just been kinda lazy... Feel like I need it after the last few days! Bed early tonight as I have to get up early in the morning to go do some hunting with my man! I love spending this quality time together. <3

Missing the girls beautiful smiling faces.. Only 2 more days until they are back home with us. Can't wait!


  1. Holy crap, you're bad ass. :)

    Isn't it crazy how much spinning BURNS? It's a killer calorie burner! Keep it up!

    Rachel -

    1. Rachel - lol! Thank you! ;) Got myself a buck yesterday! (Blog post to come! :) )

      Ya holy crap the top of my thighs were just crazy on fire! I am really excited about adding it to my workout routine.. I have it in the living room.. So when I sit down in the evening to hang out with my man I can just jump on for a bit!

  2. She's right! You are totally bad ass! I could imagine the fire in your legs! I love spinning, and that burn is no joke! Cant wait to read the post that is coming!


    1. J'Wana lol! Thank you! Oh man oh man! Crazy burn!