Saturday, November 10, 2012

A busy life!

Today has been so busy. My man and I are camping and bow hunting this weekend and the girls are with their mom.

We got up this morning. Went home and got the deer in the freezer that one of the twins got last weekend. Didn't even have time for a shower and rushed to get to the twins basketball game which was about an hour away from where we live! I love watching them play anything! They have so much passion!

Now off to home to get the doggies and get back out to where we are camping! No hunting for us tonight. :( Well worth it though to watch the twins play ball. :)

I haven't gotten a workout in yet today and I can tell... My body is sore as it is most days when I don't get a workout in. I am planning on taking a nice walk in the woods when we get back to camp. :)

Missing the girls already. :(

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